LEAP  platform allows organizations to learn intelligently from various business interactions and generate real time and actionable insights.

Performance Metrics Visualization

Visualize integrated data metrics from multiple internal & external sources

Intelligent Insights

Augmented user experience with machine based learning

Real time notification & alerts

Collaborative BI with other users through real-time sharing environment

Integrated Workflow system

Effortless creation of action plans for improvement areas, follow up & tracking

Secure Environment

Multiple factor authentication to ensure secure and profile based access

Work on real time updates from
multiple data sources

Data sets Integration

Platform analytics would allow users to combine different data sets and studies and visualize them together on a single platform

Dynamic visualization

LEAP will support richer visualization with added charting & infographic libraries along with dynamic visualization capabilities for standard data sets

Cross Platform support

Dashboards on LEAP will be built on responsive frameworks and will work seamlessly across mobile, tablet and desktop interfaces

Faster Turnaround

The platform framework allows for quicker turnaround on new visualizations while taking care of standardized requirements

Driving data driven improvement approach

Action Planning

Effortless action planning would be enabled across views through easy to use web forms which will capture information efficiently and comprehensively.

Usage Analytics

Insights into how the dashboards are currently being utilized by the network. Are stakeholders really spending time in assessing improvement areas?

Contextual Heuristics

LEAP offers Contextual Heuristics knowledge base for pattern recognition and insight prioritization. Simple query based insight engine allowing end users to easily look for key findings from the data.

Python based NLP and Text Mining Service – LEAP combines strong technical & language capability with automotive functional and domain expertise for meaningful and relevant analysis

Reminders & Notifications

Automated reminders and notifications will be sent to alert stakeholders through e-mails and SMS and to ensure timely updates and follow through on planned actions

Cloud Scale

The LEAP cloud architecture scales automatically and elastically to effectively manage your data at fast speeds


2 factor authentication, single sign on and unique user based access along with encrypted session logins to ensure a more secure and streamlined application access

User & Access

Easy addition, deletion and monitoring of single and bulk users across applications along with user profile and access management for application admins

Data Version &

Role based content management on cloud hosted drive for intuitive version management of data sources and easy addition and revoking of versions

LEAP Data Analytics Platform

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