Strategy backed by data

Leadics leverages strong industry networks and data to help clients evaluate their market entry options, review and validate growth plans and define executable strategic guidelines to meet growth targets. Our deep expertize and SME network in emerging markets can help you define entry and growth roadmaps for your enterprise.

Flexible & Scalable Intelligence

With an explosion of enterprise and market data is on the horizon, adapting Business intelligence systems to the increasing volume and variety of data inflow is the need of the hour. From customized suites to managed analytics, get the solutions that serve your business needs best.

Operational Excellence through Analytics

Identify cost management opportunities across functions through our supply chain optimization and functional cost management solutions. Leverage our benefits tracking solution to plan and track your cost management initiatives.

Analytics On The Go

Power your business with round the clock business intelligence. Harness the power of managed and cloud based analytics to make smarter and timely decisions. Make your data work for you wherever you go with mobile ready solutions.

Customer Centric Business

From customer surveys to social data mining, Leadics offers a variety of solutions to help you put the customer at the heart of your business. Use customer insights from real time social and sales data analytics to refine customer segmentation and drive engagement.

From Data to Decisions

Leverage the power of real time analytics to turn enterprise and social data into your competitive advantage. From supply chain optimization to market data driven price setting, power your business with decision oriented analytics.

3D Printing - Democratizing Manufacturing

3D printing is poised to have a significant impact on all aspects of the supply chain - sourcing, manufacturing and distribution .

BI mistakes firms can do without

Business Intelligence solutions can power a firm's decision making capabilities - only when critical mistakes are avoided.

Business Growth Strategy

Learn how Leadics helped an ASEAN oil major (Global Fortune 500 company) in clearly defining an executable market strategy in polymers.

Partner Performance Management

Learn how Leadics helped one of India's Leading Automotive companies identify causes for its declining service revenue.