Partner Performance Management – Driving Service Retention in the Indian Auto Market

Learn how Leadics helped one of India’s Leading Automotive companies identify causes for its declining service revenue


Eager to find out reasons for declining service revenues, a leading automotive company in hired Leadics. The objective was To understand service retention level trends across dealerships and geographies and to uncover underlying causes and trends that were driving these tends


To ensure that the solution was reusable and scalable, Leadics worked on deploying a BI solution that collated information from the client’s dealer management system and internal sales data to arrive at the necessary set of KPIs and analytical cuts to identify service retention trends across geographies, dealerships and vehicle models


The BI solution helped in not only identifying causes for dwindling service revenue but also equipped the client with a simple, user friendly and real time decision support system that would help them identify and resolve sales and service issues in time.